Selling Hints & Tips

Remember, Bubs to Tweens is a pre-loved goods market. Customers are looking for a bargain - DO NOT OVER PRICE. It may be tempting to charge more money, but remember, people can wait for a sale at the big stores to get a &brand new bargain&. Don't worry, this does not mean you won't make money. Something for an item that previously sat in a cupboard is better than nothing at all! You don't want to be taking it all back home with you - do you! Price low and sell lots!


When pricing your items, consider the quality of an item, the brand, how old it is, and how popular it currently is. Most importantly - DO NOT OVERLOAD YOUR TABLE & DO NOT OVERPRICE! If your table has items stacked sky high, SHOPPERS WILL BYPASS YOUR STALL. Even try putting up extra items as things sell.

  • Clothes racks are a great way to reduce the amount on your table and easy for customers to browse through.
  • Don't try to sell all of your pre-loved items from the past 5 years in one go...
    • - pick out the items that suit the season we’re currently in and the season to come.
    • - toys and books are popular items as long as they are in good condition.
  • Make sure you have plenty of plastic/enviro bags to place the sold items in (i.e. shopping bags).
  • Only sell what you would buy yourself. Please do not display items that are heavily worn, stained, smelly, or crusty. Pitter Patter does not want the reputation of a trash & treasure market, we are striving for a reputation as a quality pre-loved market. You will be asked to remove any goods that are unsuitable (i.e. stained or torn, etc). Brush off shoes, wipe over the high chair, wash clothes if necessary, etc. Ask yourself - Would I buy it? If not, don't sell it.
  • Clearly mark items with visible price tags. Sticky fluoro dots are great and come in different sizes. Be prepared to bargain with customers. A dollar less in your pocket is better than no dollar at all!
  • Customers prefer it if everything has a price tag on it - or you will constantly be asked "how much". You may even decide to put up a big sign "everything $X", and make it easy for you & the shoppers. If you have a number of small items, gather them together and put in a clip lock seal bag (i.e. 5 pairs of socks with a price tag: 5 for $X).
  • Make sure you bring plenty of change ($200 in coins & small notes).
  • Smile - talk to people! Be proactive, the more helpful you are the better. Say hello to shoppers (“Can I help you?” or “Are you after a particular size?, offer suggestions, pull out different clothes in the same size).
  • You will not be reimbursed for lack of sales; it is your job to sell your goods.